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References for One Design by the Office of the Military Attaché of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Warsaw

The Office of the Military Attaché of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Warsaw represented by Col. Adham Nahar Aljoufi hereby affirms that One Design represented by Ms Agata Filipczuk is a credible company of vast experience in designing, arranging and finishing interiors. This opinion can be backed by the cooperation on the design and construction works at 69 Podchorążych Street in Warsaw, the office of the Military Attaché of Saudi Arabia. All works were completed in a timely and sound manner, in accordance with the technical know-how, applicable standards and provisions of law, and carried out fast and with due diligence. The Office of the Military Attaché of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Warsaw recommends One Design as a reliable and fully professional company.


References for One Design by Olga and Paweł Walus

ONE DESIGN is a unique TEAM, for whom designing and building is not merely a job, but an exciting adventure that they set out on together with their clients. Since the first time you get in touch with them, they try to understand your expectations, stay within your budget and, above all, build the atmosphere of an intellectual adventure that designing, adapting and completing your project is. The experience ONE DESIGN TEM have in coordinating designing, preparing and completion at all stages gives their clients the sense of full harmony. Their timeliness, attention to quality, and determination to deliver exactly what has been designed are some of the reasons why it is worth recommending One Design not only as a great business but also a personal venture. They become their clients’ partners who build relationships and provide services having in mind not only the present day but also the future. We don’t hesitate to recommend them.


References for One Design by Magda Kopciuch

I am happy to recommend One Design to anybody who is going to have their real estate designed and finished. Great use of space, modern approach, creativity, cost reduction, professionalism, availability at weekends, and meeting all deadlines are just a few reasons why it is recommendable to work with One Design.


Referencje dla One Design od Calisia Residence

Firma One Design Sp. z o.o. z siedzibą przy ul. Puławskiej 5 lok.4, 02-515 Warszawa przeprowadziła prace wykończeniowo-aranżacyjne mieszkania pokazowego w inwestycji Kaliska oraz biura sprzedaży na inwestycji w Ząbkach.

W trakcie realizacji projektu wykazano się dużym poziomem wiedzy merytorycznej oraz zaangażowaniem w wykonane prace. Na uwagę zasługuje pełen profesjonalizm pracowników One Design, który zapewnił sprawna i fachową współpracę z naszą firmą począwszy od momentu podpisania umowy do chwili odebrania wszystkich prac co w pełni potwierdza jakość realizacji projektu.

Informuję, że bardzo wysoko oceniamy usługi firmy One Design Sp. z o. o.

Polecamy firmę One Design jako profesjonalistów z dużym doświadczeniem zapewniających stałą współpracę i niezwykłą fachową realizację zleconych prac.